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Some say water's pure
Water cleans and purifies
Fire cleanses all

Pretty things burn well
Not that they're more flammable
They're just fun to burn

Musics food for the soul
I suppose people have tastes
Mine tastes like murder

The sun gives us light
The moon creates tidal waves
Stars leave us alone

I envy the dead
They are free of pain and strife
But I do eat them

Hell is underground
Heaven floats above our heads
This must be limbo

You need light to see
But don't look into the sun
You will be blinded

The hardest granite
Can still be cut by diamonds
Jesus is long dead
I know they aren't great, but I wrote a LOT of these, and these are my personal favorites.
RisuShikyo Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2008
the title just about sums it up, but i do like the one about this being limbo.
CrowOfCoal Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2008   Writer
Thank you very much for the comment and fave. :D
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